From FujiFilm’s Product Information: This FujiFilm disc can be used in camcorders or recorders compatible with DVD-RW 80mm discs.  After recording is complete, DVD-RW discs can be played back on compatible DVD recorders/players and DVD-ROM computer drives. FujiFilm DVD-RW discs are for use in camcorders and recorders compatible with DVD-RW media FujiFilm DVD-RW discs conform to the DVD-RW Version 1.1/2x-speed DVD-RW revision 1.0 format FujiFilm DVD-RW discs can record up to 30 minutes (SP mode) or 1.4GB

FujiFilm 1.4GB 2X Logo-top 3-Inch

Mini DVD-RW’s

FujiFilm 1.4GB 2X Logo-top 3-Inch Mini DVD-RW’s.  Product ID:  FujiFilm 70128. 2X record speed capability. Compatible with all capable Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony and Canon camcorders. Approximately 30 minutes Video Record time on this single-sided, erasable/rewritable Mini DVD-RW media. Each disc comes sealed in an individual mini jewel case.
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FujiFilm      70128     1.4GB   Logo 2X   Mini Jewel Case   Mini DVD-RW
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