MAM-A 80-Min 1X-12X Logo-top Digital Audio CD-R’s

MAM-A 80-Min 1X-12X Logo-top Digital Audio CD-R’s.  Product ID:  MAM-A 11121.  MAM-A logo-top surface. These discs have a branded, logo-top surface, which is the manufacturer’s way to indicate that these are Digital Audio CD-R's. Important Compatibility Note:  Some Philips models (specifically the 775 model, and occasionally the 765, 785 and other similar models) may not work with these cd-r's due to the Philips' common problem of a faulty power calibration unit.  This problem is becoming rare, but small quantities are recommended for testing.
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Stock #:  MAM-A11121

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MAM-A      11121   700MB   Logo   12X   Shrinkwrap   CD-R
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From MAM-A’s Product Information: MAM-A Logo Digital Audio CD-R Features:  •AAA professional quality  •Recording layer resists light and heat better than other discs  •SCMS for digital audio recorder compatibility  •700MB storage capacity  •1-12x write speed, ideal for audio recordings  •100+ year longevity MAM-A CD-Rs are known worldwide for reliability, durability, and universal compatibility. Thanks to Mitsui's patented, most technically advanced dye in the world, phthalocyanine, and to a silver reflective layer, MAM-A Digital Audio CD-R makes it possible to obtain the same sound quality as the original. MAM-A Digital Audio CD-R's are write-once, audio-only discs designed specifically for use in home audio systems. Consumers can create and archive up to 80 minutes of their favorite professional originals to custom CD's, which are fully compatible with the worldwide installed base of CD players. MAM-A Digital Audio CD-R discs for consumers are manufactured with Mitsui's patented phthalocyanine dye, providing the long life guaranteed from MAM-A, while also delivering a level of warmth in sound reproduction that is second to none. Our Digital Audio discs are ideal for real-time (1x) recording and are capable of burn speeds 1X-12X.
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